The game with no winners, only losers!

A party game like no other, where humor, fun gameplay, and endless ridicule collide. Each round is an unforgettable journey of punishment and uproarious entertainment. Get your copy and become the life of the party!

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Don't be the the last person holding a card or else you'll find out exactly what we mean when we say life is pain.

F*ck you cards

If you have this card at the end of the round, you lose.

Category cards

A variety of ten categories that make up some of the mundane pain we experience in our everyday lives. Some of the descriptions include actions items which allow a player to do… actions

Punishment Cards

The loser of each round must draw a card from the punishment deck and complete the task.


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Things people are definitely saying

“This game was made by a very special little guy.”


“This is, without a doubt, the greatest game I have ever played in my entire life!”


“I laughed, I cried, I licked the floor and blacked out from sheer pleasure”


About The Game

When we set out to create Life is Pain, we were looking to create a party game that was actually a game and not just "who drew the funniest card?" A certain card game that shall not be named (please don't sue us!) has created an incredible experience and brand, to the point where people of all ages and lifestyles know the name. However, due to its success, party games have all adopted the "which of these things is funny" style of gameplay.

We wanted a game that would still be a game even if you removed the humor. Would people still enjoy the game mechanics of "insert game here" if the repetitive jokes were removed?

Life is Pain is a game that brings humor, fun gameplay, and above all, plenty of replay value. Life is Pain is unique because there truly are no winners of the game. Instead, each round results in a loser.

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